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About is the first online United States Lakes, Marinas, Property, and Fishing Reviews site.

Co-Founder Matt Koenig had the idea one day while fishing with his pals. He was always searching maps for the best lakes and googling trying to find the best spots.

The goal of this site is to provide a broad range of information on all lakes in the continental and non-continental United States. We have over 7,000 Lakes, Streams, Swamps, and Reservoirs, and have effectively created a template for what will one day be the largest free fishing resource online.

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Lakes of the United States

United States Lakes, Marinas, Property, and Fishing Reviews. Click a state to see the lakes in that area.

Lakes of the United States

Posted by Matt Koenig

Welcome to TheLakeReview where you will find each and every body of water in all fifty states. Whether your looking to fish, boat, or just hang out and enjoy the amenities, TheLakeReview will prepare you for anything you need to know for a great boating or fishing trip! Feel free to register and join our website and be able to rate the fishing and basic qualities of any body of water in the U.S.A. Rate it, comment it, then read up on your next adventure by viewing comments and rates made by other users just like you! Enjoy the site!