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Aluminum Fishing Boats

Old Faithful Aluminum Fishing Boat If you can't afford those other boats an Aluminum Fishing Boat may be right for you. This article details some brands as well as the pros and cons that the Aluminum Fishing Boat may present.

Not everyone can afford or justify a large fiberglass boat. When comes right down to it fishin is fishin right?

Great Brands for Aluminum Boats

Fishing Boat made of Aluminum

  • Lowe
  • Grumman(My personal Favorite)
  • Sylvan
  • Tracker
  • Mirrocraft
  • G3
  • Meyers
  • CrestLiner

Pro's of an aluminum boat

  • Cheap compared to any other type of material
  • Extremely durable
  • Long lasting given you keep it clean
  • Extremely light compared to fiberglass models of boats

Fiberglass fishing boats on the other hand happen to be very expensive. They are also not nearly as durable as aluminum. Aluminum takes dents and bends when it hits something hard. Fiberglass instead will snap for fracture the outside when it hits something hard, making it a very hard fix.

Pro's of the fiberglass fishing boat.

  • Contain foam that makes them more stable and more buoyancy
  • Usually cut through waves better and usually faster than aluminum boats
  • Better rust protection in brackish waters

The thing is they are just not near as durable. If you are looking for a bargain boat that you can leave outside in the rain and still work and looks like new then choose the aluminum boat.
If you want a boat that cuts through waves like butter and skims across the water with speed, choose the fiberglass boat.

Article by Matt Koenig